First-person educational game on Echo Chambers - Windows - 2021

Echo is a first person narrative game with light stealth and horror elements. The player find itself stuck in a facilty of the company Ooble and need to escape with the help of their supposed best friend and a scientific of the company. Having lost their memory, it will be up to the player to choose which one they trust to guide them to the exit.

This game was made for a class with the programmers of the DIM of the UQAC working alongside the artists of the NAD of the UQAC to create a serious game. A serious game is a game with the goal of being more than just entertainment, such as teaching the player about something. Our team was made of 3 programmers, 11 Artists and 4 volunteers for the audio team. Our team choose to make our game on echo chambers and how only trusting one source of information can be dangerous.

I mainly worked on tools for the narrative team. This included creating a dialog system and an event system to start appropriate dialog at the right moment. Since the narrative team was composed of only artists, I needed to make a system that was easy to use without knowledge of programming as well as flexible enough to not be a limiting factor for their story telling. I also did the HUD in game to be able to see past dialogs and currents and past objectives.

Link to game